3Wire is proud to launch a new line of World
War II era model display decks and banners!
Model enthusiasts can now showcase their WWII
aircraft on 3Wire's brand new surfaces that
truly capture the historical elements of the
period and are brought to life in highly
detailed, full color representations that look
almost photographic. Ready to go right out of
the box, these display decks will complete your display like no other model deck on the market.   

Just like our modern era decks, logo integratation is also a
possibility. National Roundel symbols can also easily be added and we can add a specific CV number and/or boat name to
our Essex Class carrier surface.  These images are integrated right into the deck image giving the appearance that it’s actually ‘painted’ onto the surface.  You’ll see tarmac lines, tie-downs, wood planks, etc. all within the image. 

Model decks ordered via this website are printed on quality digital stock and professionally mounted on durable 3/16" black Foam-Core.  As you can see, these decks are the perfect compliment for any WWII aircraft display. 

Like our modern era decks, our WWII decks come in 4 scales: 
1/144-scale: 4.5"x6" overall size
Click Here for 1/144 Deck Pix & Review

1/72-scale: 9"x12" overall size

1/48-scale: 11"x17" overall size

*1/32-scale:  18”x24” overall size
* due to the large size, for safe shipping and cost,
it’s necessary for 1/32-scale decks to be mounted
and cut as (3) sections (see photos of this on our
Modern deck page

Show your squadron pride! 3Wire banners are high quality and durable. Each is made from 14oz. reinforced vinyl and finished with a 1" heat-seemed hem on all four sides.  Grommets are added in all four corners for easy hanging.  Our vector images are hi-res and use a high quality, 4-color process and can be enhanced to virtually any size.  Please see our FAQ Page for more info.

Most banners are made to order.  Simply hit the'Buy This' button under the design you want. Once paid, your order will be sent to our production facility for immedaite printing. Generally non-custom orders are shipped within 5-7 days of purchase.
ONLY $59.99
WWII 3'x 4' Banners
9"x12" Mounted Prints
Don't have the space for a large banner?  No worries... all the banners on this page can be ordered as a small 9"x12" mounted print!
ONLY $19.99 
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USN Essex Class Deck
Select Your Surface & Size
Axis or Allied Tarmac
Masden Matting
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Detail of 3Wire Essex Class Carrier Deck
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World War II Model Display Bases...
    1.144     1.72                     1.48                  1.32
    1.144     1.72                     1.48                  1.32
    1.144     1.72                     1.48                  1.32
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3Wire Suspends Operations for Individual Orders
April 15, 2013 -- Following a review of our recent fiscal year and involvement in other ventures, 3Wire Design has decided to suspend design and production operations for all individual customer orders for the remainder of 2013.  We will continue to provide bulk service to our retail partners and use this time to evaluate the 3Wire business model.  During this time, we will maintain our website and stay active on the 3Wire Facebook page.  All orders received prior to April 15, 2013 will be completed.  We appreciate the support and friendships we’ve generated the past four years and hope to again provide our products and service to our loyal customers in the near future.

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